These 5 tips will help you develop a long lasting relationship with brands and increase your chance of being booked for a second job. By keeping these 5 simple tips in mind while collaborating with a brand we can assure you that the job will go smoothly.

1. Act professionally

This is a no-brainer, but at the same time it’s important to mention. When you agree to collaborate with brands, you’re entering a business arrangement, so it’s important that you communicate and act professionally. This can be done in a number of ways, but most important is communication. Make sure the brand knows your next step, when your post/content will be ready and if, for any reason, you can’t deliver the content as planned, let the brand know as soon as possible. If the collaboration is for instagram or any other social media platform provide the brand with the content and metrics (reach, impressions, video views.) they require before they ask for it. This shows them that you care for the partnership and have their best interest in mind.

2. Understand the task

You’ve probably heard your teacher say this a million times before a test “read the question several times and make sure you understand what we are asking for” This also applies to working with brands. It’s important that you read through the task carefully before accepting the request. If you have any questions, you should send the brand a message as soon as possible!

3. Create quality content

Another no-brainer! Create high quality content that will reflect well on yourself, the brand and their products or services. When you publish the finished product make sure the main focus is on the brands’ product. However, you should always add your style to the content as they chose to collaborate with you for a reason and most likely because they like your content. The best feedback is when the brand wants to reuse your content on their social media platforms, emails, websites and more.

4. Provide value

Your goal is to introduce yourself to the brand as something they need and want. In order to provide value, you need to focus on the brand. It’s important to understand their needs and show you care. Once you begin creating valuable content for a brand, you’ll have an edge over your competitors and you’ll have a better chance of being booked for a second job.

5. Share feedback

Provide constructive feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, to brands after your collaborations. There’s always room for improvement! Make sure to let the brand know what you enjoyed and what you would have liked to do different. Also, ask the brand for feedback so you know what you should to work on.

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