You’ve established a collaboration with a brand, you’re ready to start shooting, but you don’t know what the brand is looking for. The only guideline you’ve gotten is to be yourself. By following these 5 tips we can assure you that you’ll nail the collaboration and the brand or business will be asking for more!

1. Storytelling

Brands wants work with creators who are good at storytelling. By work with a product you're passionate about you can easily construct authentic stories around it. This can help increase the credibility of your sponsored posts, as your followers will understand you only work with brands you love.

- When you share a personal experience with a product, you can ask your followers to share theirs too. This will help get a conversation started and improve engagement.

2. Be yourself

Your audience follows you because they love the content you create and enjoy keeping up with what you’re up to. This is why some of your most popular photos might be the ones you’re in. Brands enjoy working with creators who use their products and have selected you because they can entrust you to capture an authentic moment with their product.

3. Show the product or service

It’s important to clearly show the product or service. This is why you should never agree to a job/collaboration with a brand you don’t like just because they pay well. Brands choose to partner with creators because of their creativity and ability to showcase a product in an eye-catching way. When you begin crafting content for a collaboration, consider how the product will be viewed in the photo or video. 

4. Composition

When setting up the composition of a photograph, it is important to consider your overall goal. Do you want something up-close and more personal with the subject, or are you looking to include the subject in a background that sets up a full scene? The composition can also impact your focal length and your depth of field. Play around with composition and try different options before you decide what you like the most.

- Use colors or depth of field to make the product really pop!

5. Express the message

The finished product should be powerful enough to express the message of your ad, even if your audience doesn't read the text! This is why we love to use Photoshop when working with brands. By using photoshop you can easily add elements to help tell a story or to showcase a product.

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